The UK tech sector “leads the way” for bringing foreign investment to London


Record numbers of foreign companies are expanding to or setting up in London, according to new figures released last month by London & Partners. This increase is attributed to a surge in tech start-ups who are looking to tap in to London’s talent and access to European markets.

Ten years ago just 26 companies came to London from overseas. In the last financial year, however, 108 chose to create a presence in the Capital and were brought across by London & Partners. Investment in tech has also broken records, shooting up to £450m in venture capital financing in the first three months of
this year.

Commenting on these statistics, Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners said; "Over the last decade, foreign investment in London has gone through the roof and the tech sector is now leading the way. Companies from all over the globe want to establish a base here because we have the best access to finance and markets, an incredibly talented workforce and overall first-class conditions in which to do business.

"On top of this, London is one of the most desirable cities in the world to live with a vibrant cultural scene, exciting history and more green space than any other city in the world."