Love the Sales wins £160k advertising campaign


Congratulations to Love The Sales, a participant of Blick Rothenberg’s Tech Business Programme, for winning the #TeaseLondon award at London Tech Week.

The competition, run by Eyetease and Verifone Media, saw hundreds of entries from UK start-ups competing to win a £160k digital advertising campaign across Verifone Media’s 400 screen taxi-top network.

The winner was announced at the London and Partners launch event of London Tech Week. Stuart McClure, co-Founder of Love The Sales said, “To win the competition is amazing – a real honour to have been chosen. We are really excited by this prize and we can’t wait to start trying out some of the ideas we have with the technology Eyetease offer.

When we spotted the #TeaseLondon competition we were intrigued by the opportunity on offer. It was a hugely generous prize. We saw great possibilities in this advertising format – the time and location-based targeting is awesome and we are very focused on the use of data to make every individual’s experience of our site tailored. It was a perfect fit.

The chance to get our brand in front of potentially millions of Londoners is phenomenal. Winning the #TeaseLondon competition means we can take our business to the next level. The Eyetease offering means we can offer a tailored advertising experience to Londoners of all varieties and set Love the Sales on its way to becoming a household name!”

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