Silicon Beach - The UK’s fastest growing tech hub?


Described as “the UK’s thriving south-coast tech haven”, Silicon Beach is a long strip of the UK’s coastal town of Brighton, home to hundreds of budding tech companies. The development was given a huge financial boost last year after being awarded the “Greater Brighton City Deal”, unlocking more than £170m of Government, local authority and private investment.

One year on, Silicon Beach has expanded to encompass other coastal cities including Bournemouth and Poole. Figures from TechCity UK’s 2015 TechNation report show that Brighton now has the highest concentration of digital companies of anywhere in the UK. Bournemouth is now home to the fastest growing tech ‘cluster’ and, together with Poole, has seen the formation of new companies grow by over 200% since 2010.

According to TechCity UK, the digital companies that are particularly likely to spring up in Brighton are involved in:
  • advertising and marketing;
  • software and development; and
  • games development and production.

Established tech firms now include the likes of Brandwatch and Pure360, who are making a name for themselves on an international stage.

To read TechCity UK’s TechNation report please click here.