Removal of additional customs duty for certain products from the US


On 1 May 2019 the additional customs duties on certain products from the USA, historically levied since 2005 as an EU counter measure to the US' Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act 2000 ("CDSOA") colloquially called the Byrd amendment after Senator Robert Byrd, would be all but removed (in effect reduced to 0.001%) from 0.3%.

The Byrd amendment was ruled by the WTO in 2002 as an illegal piece of legislation and several WTO members including the EU and were given permission by the WTO to retaliate. Hence, until now the nominal duty uplift was imposed by the EU as the retaliatory measure

The products affected are:

However, for some of the items above (notably the textiles) these modest reductions do not impact the uplifted duty rates of 10-50% imposed in May 2018 on some products from the US.

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