Blick Rothenberg

Raids on football clubs prove HMRC are not afraid to use the powers at their disposal


Today’s raids on two Premier League football clubs prove that HMRC will not shy away from targeting those known or suspected to be involved with tax fraud.

Isobel Clift, Tax Investigations Manager at Blick Rothenberg  said: “Today’s raids on Newcastle United and West Ham United Football Clubs will prove beyond doubt that HMRC are not afraid to use the powers at their disposal, including those allowing entry to business premises and the confiscation of relevant information and devices.“

“The raids send an equally clear message that HMRC will proceed criminally where appropriate and will ensure that those involved are arrested and charged.”

She added: “Those found guilty of tax fraud at whatever level, including the multi-million pound world of Premiership football, should be prepared to face the consequences.  As this is an on-going criminal investigation HMRC won’t provide any details but it is thought likely that that the raids and arrests relate to payments made to agents in transfer deals.”

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