Manchester United's loss this Christmas, will be HMRC's gain


Jose Mourinho's departure from Manchester United may not come as a complete shock, given the clubs run of form, but their loss will come as a welcomed Christmas bonus for HMRC.

Andy Timpson said: 'Press reports of a £24 million severance to Mourinho, which may largely be made up of contractual pay to the end of his contract, will mean a significant tax bill close to 50% should be making its way to HMRC.'

He added: 'It doesn't stop there, the presents will keep coming for HMRC, and Manchester United will also need to pay an additional 13.8% of National Insurance on top of the severance, meaning it is a very expensive time of year for the football club.'

'They will tell you that there is never a winner when a manager leaves part way through the season, not for the club, players, fans or the manager – I'm sure that HMRC would beg to differ on that one.'

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