Introducing the International Business Trips App


A technology solution to help manage the employer tax compliance and immigration issues created by international business travellers.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our International Business Trips ("IBT") App which is designed to make international tax and immigration compliance easier wherever employees are travelling in the world. It also helps protect employers and employees. 

What is the issue?

One of the recurring employer compliance issues relates to 'hidden employees'. Hidden employees are those employees (or would-be employees) who, for a variety of reasons, are simply not on the employer's radar when it comes to employer compliance and regulatory issues. They include:
  • International commuters
  • Short-term business visitors
  • Non-resident directors

In all of these categories, there are often employer tax, reporting and immigration obligations. Too often, employers are finding that compliance falls short and this can lead to unexpected financial penalties.

How does the IBT App help?
With their consent, the IBT App tracks the location of employees working internationally and sends real-time data on employee travel to an employer portal.
Drawing on historic, current and planned travel data, the IBT App produces alerts when employees are approaching key thresholds for tax and immigration. Our team of specialists can review the data and provide employers with the support they may need to remain compliant.

Summary reports are also produced, showing employee travel data globally. This means employers can identify countries in which there may be an increased risk of non-compliance.
How do I find out more?
For further information, please visit the IBT App page here or contact Lee Hamilton.