International Women’s Day: women in tax share their experiences and advice


The centenary of the Representation of the People Act, when some women got the vote, makes International Women's Day 2018 a particularly special event.

The centenary of the Representation of the People Act, when some women got the vote, makes International Women's Day 2018 a particularly special event.
Blick Rothenberg has a number of leading women partners, particularly in its tax practice where they have been appointed as both the head of Private Client Tax, Caroline Le Jeune, and head of Corporate Tax, Genevieve Moore.

A group of Blick Rothenberg’s women in tax share their experiences and advice:

Genevieve Moore, partner and head of corporate tax*

‘I’ve been fortunate to work in environments where hard work, passion, enthusiasm and dedication have been rewarded, and it really hasn’t mattered whether I wore trousers or a dress to work! I have been supported and encouraged by my male and female colleagues alike.’

‘My advice to anyone starting their career is to be ambitious and work hard for what you want in life. In today’s modern world there really are no barriers to the boardroom, but if you don’t aim high, you will never know what you can achieve.’

‘I’d also recommend that any aspiring business women seek advice, mentoring and coaching from both their female and male role models. Whilst I have benefited hugely from working with many inspiring and talented females, it is the coaching and mentoring from our current (male) CEO that has really enabled me to grow and strive to reach my full potential.’ 

Heather Self, corporate tax partner & Chair of the Women in Tax Network

‘I am very proud of having helped set up Women in Tax, which is proving to be a supportive network for people working in all areas of tax. We have organised an event on the eve of International Women's Day to hear about the Women's Tax Resistance League - the League was part of the suffrage movement, where women refused to pay tax if they could not have the vote.  Almost 100 women, and a few men, will be attending to learn more.’

‘The idea behind this event and the Women in Tax network in general is to bring women within the tax sphere together, allowing them to gain confidence, learn new skills and connect with like-minded individuals who can provide support and share views and experiences.’

‘My advice to anyone would be to work out what it is they really love about their career, how they can make sure they find a role which enables them to do what they love, and then do their best.’

Fiona Fernie, tax risk and dispute resolution partner*

‘The world of professional services has changed dramatically since I joined it.  When I began as a trainee chartered accountant, I had to ask permission in advance to be allowed to wear trousers to work!  Fortunately, attitudes have moved on.’

‘My advice to young women would be to determine what their goals are early on, believe in themselves and what they have to offer, find someone influential who will mentor and help them, and then work with dedication towards achieving that goal.  In addition, in any given client situation, I believe that advisers who can imagine themselves in their clients’ shoes will be able to provide a far better quality service than those who see it as just another task.’

(*) The comments from Genevieve and Fiona are part of a longer feature published by Taxation on 8 March 2018. 
For more information, please contact Genevieve Moore, Heather Self or Fiona Fernie.