Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)


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Thanks to the tax incentives available, EIS is a tax efficient method of investing in a private company.

The qualifying company limits increased significantly in April 2012, effectively doubling, meaning that even well established companies could now benefit from the regime. For the investor, the amount which they could invest under EIS and claim tax relief on increased to £1 million per annum.

When the qualifying limits for EIS increased, the Government introduced an enhanced form of EIS called SEIS, targeted at start-up companies. Like EIS, the principle of SEIS is to encourage investment in private companies. However, some aspects of the tax incentives for SEIS are significantly more attractive, and with that, the qualifying limits are smaller.

With the generous tax reliefs available, these two Government approved schemes should be considered by companies and investors alike.

Blick Rothenberg will be hosting a breakfast seminar on Thursday, 23 January, at our offices in Covent Garden on how to qualify for EIS and SEIS funding, the tax advantages and the ease of implementation. If it is of interest to you, from a business or personal perspective, please email seminar@blickrothenberg.com for further information.