Colin Lehmann


Written by: Bob Rothenberg

Colin Lehmann, a partner in the firm for over 30 years, died on Sunday 21 February. Whilst we have known that he was terminally ill, his death has come as a shock to many people. He bore his cancer with fortitude and his usual constructive and persistent manner.

I knew Colin from childhood and he became a partner in 1985, having commenced what were then called articles (a training contract) with the firm some 10 years or so earlier. His success as a professional was to combine wide ranging expertise and experience with astute commercial awareness to help our clients and those others in the wider community whom he advised to succeed; he was a ‘go to’ individual who never turned away any request for help or assistance. We are all thankful for his friendship and outstanding contribution to both our lives and businesses. He was an exceptional individual and will be missed by all of us.

Bob Rothenberg