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Written by: David Barzilay

The last ever Spring Budget is less than one month away and Blick Rothenberg’s experts offer their predictions on what the Chancellor could announce.

Personal Allowance
  • Should reinstate the personal allowance for all. The personal allowance is tapered away by £1 for every £2 of income above £100,000, creating a 60% effective rate of tax in this banding. As the personal allowance increases, the effect of this 60% rate is longer felt. The personal allowance should be available to all taxpayers, and it is one of the most hated facets of the UK's personal tax system that some are denied it. (Nimesh Shah, Partner)
Personal Savings Allowance
  • Should abolish the personal savings allowance and make all bank interest savings exempt from income tax. (Nimesh Shah)
Entrepreneurs Relief
  • Should increase the entrepreneurs' relief lifetime allowance to £25 million. A number of Britain's entrepreneurs have used the £10 million current lifetime limit on previous business sales. Increasing the limit would encourage such entrepreneurs to invest in new business ventures. (Nimesh Shah)
Marriage Allowance
  • Should abolish the transferable marriage allowance. The percentage of eligible claimants has been low and the overall benefit is limited. (Nimesh Shah)

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