Budget predictions: Corporation tax


Ahead of the first ever Autumn Budget, Nimesh Shah and Helena Kanczula discuss what the Chancellor could, should and will announce with regard to corporation tax.

Corporation tax
  • Corporation tax has been confirmed to be reduced to 17% from 1 April 2020, but the Chancellor will announce a further reduction to 15% to encourage businesses to remain in the UK in wake of the Brexit negotiations. (Nimesh Shah, partner)
  • For many years, tax simplification has been discussed. For very small companies, tax administration represents a significant burden. HM Revenue & Customs should now look at whether for some companies, the accounts should simply be used as a basis for calculating corporation tax and straightforward transitional rules could be introduced. (Helena Kanczula, corporate tax director)
  • A review of whether there would be any merit for smaller UK only groups to produce one annual consolidated tax return should be conducted. (Helena Kanczula, corporate tax director).
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