BR Blog: Changes to employment related securities and security options


Written by: Mark Abbs

As a reminder, HMRC have introduced important changes to the UK tax treatment of unapproved employment related share income, such as stock options from 6 April 2015.

Mark-Abbs.jpgThis will not only impact expatriates but also employees who have spent some time working internationally (foreign employees who are/have worked in the UK or UK employees who are/have worked overseas).


There will be some winners including those who leave the UK to work in non-treaty countries, such as the Middle East, who will now be taxed on an apportioned basis, whereas previously options would have been subject to tax in full. However, there will be some practical difficulties and in some situations there will be some losers as UK taxes will now increase particularly for those that were previously not resident at grant and not subject to UK tax.


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