Blick Rothenberg's Budget Newsroom


Blick Rothenberg’s newsroom is now up and running, providing tax commentary, technical analysis and an interview service for journalists before, during and after the last ever Spring Budget on Wednesday 8 March.

Blick Rothenberg’s Budget newsroom can provide the following support for the press:
  • Pre-Budget commentary – our tax experts can give their predictions for what the Chancellor might do and suggestions for what he should or shouldn't do
  • A presenter or newsroom “buddy” – a Blick Rothenberg tax expert to sit with a presenter or to join the editorial team during the announcement and comment on and/or interpret what the Chancellor is saying
  • Commentators for evening news rounds – TV and radio stations may require comment from our experts on what the Chancellor’s announcements will mean
  • Tax calculator – an embeddable calculator showing how much the budget will affect your pocket
  • How it will affect different situations – before and after tax comparisons for different situations, for example old age pensioners or newlyweds to see how they have faired following the announcement
  • Post-Budget sessions (blogs or live Q&A) – our experts are on hand to answer readers’/listeners’/viewers’ questions on issues that they are concerned about or don’t understand following the announcement
  • Specific tax tables – to be discussed in advance of the Budget and produced for you on the day to show how different groups are affected
  • Twitter sessions – post-Budget sessions providing answers to followers’ questions
On Budget Day, Wednesday 8 March, we will provide:
  • Immediate comment during the announcement on issues that the Chancellor raises
  • Assistance with deciphering technical detail
  • Interviews with financial experts on the announcements

Our media trained experts are on hand to assist with anything as stated above. If you would like comment, quotes, an interview, wish to clarify technical information or have specific requests, please contact us:

Blick Rothenberg Newsroom

David Barzilay – 020 7544 8980 / 07860 322 333 /
Julian Menendez – 0207 544 8831 / 07838 547 531 /