BR blog: Spring, but no surprises sprung


Written by: Jim Brown

And so we have now had the final spring budget. What money people will claim was an underwhelming budget could also be proclaimed as a triumph for stability in the face of a world that is always changing. Take your pick!

Businesses always like stability.  Whilst the impending trigger of Article 50 creates significant doubts, a budget like this will at least give entrepreneurs through to multi-nationals cause to view the next two years with more certainty. 


Importantly corporate tax rates, amongst the lowest already, are continuing to fall; capital gains from being a successful entrepreneur are low and taxation on employment remains significantly below many of our European “competitors”.  The move to begin to align National Insurance for the employed and self-employed, whilst undoubtedly unpopular with some, ultimately makes sense.


It is a relief to those of us working in the industry that there are not reams and reams of further legislation to add to our (virtual) straining shelves.  That said, the devil is in the detail and you can be sure that there will be some nugget buried in the 68 page release from the treasury that will come to light over the next few days.