BR Blog: Global Expansion


Written by: Jim Brown

Jim Brown discusses global expansion and learning from the experience of others.

I had the pleasure of attending the Global Expansion Summit in London yesterday. A particularly interesting session focused on the challenges and opportunities connected to international expansion.

What made this interesting was the range of speakers. The session included five presentations from people with different perspectives.

There were speakers from FTSE 100 companies, inward investment agencies, location consultants, business development specialists and management consultants.They came from Central and Southern Europe, North and South America and the Middle East.

As the moderator noted, it was an opportunity to learn from this range of speakers; where they had been successful, what hadn’t worked and what they would do differently next time. No doubt, there was something to learn from everyone.

It brought home the experience that we as a firm can bring to our clients. We have assisted thousands of clients over the years with their international expansion. In the last 13 years (I have worked at Blick Rothenberg for approaching 20 years with the last 13 at partner level) I have personally worked in some way, large or small, with over 1,000 companies that are ultimately overseas controlled. 

These companies have operated across varied sectors including technology, professional practices, advertising, distribution, pharmaceuticals, research and development, medical instruments, support services for the oil and gas industry, defence, not-for-profit entities, retail, construction, supply and install, importers, publishers, airlines, engineering, fast moving consumer goods and computer hardware (if you come back next month I’m sure I will have added to this list).

I, and my colleagues, have learned something from each of these interactions and bring that experience to bear when assisting our current and future clients. 

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