What is the International Business Trips app?

An innovative technology solution designed to provide a simple, efficient and accurate way to track internationally mobile employees.

The International Business Trips ("IBT") app supports HR, finance and global mobility departments to manage the ever increasing challenges, risks and administrative burden relating to global tax (and immigration) compliance and reporting.


Why use the International Business Trips app?

The number of employees working on an ad hoc basis outside of their home country is rapidly increasing, due to advances in technology and transport. In an increasingly connected world, this trend is set to continue.

Many tax authorities around the world, including the UK, are seeking new ways of raising revenue and are focusing more than ever on employers and directors who have international business trips to ensure tax, payroll and social security compliance obligations are met.


Traditional methods of tracking these individuals are not always effective. Blick Rothenberg’s International Business Trips app provides access to real-time data to know which countries your employees have visited and for how long, making it easy to review where employees are travelling and identify compliance risks.


How does the International Business Trips app work?

Blick Rothenberg’s IBT app uses GPS (or manual entries depending on user preference) software to track the movements of employees internationally and sends the real-time data to the employer platform.

The reporting functionality and user defined notification enables the employer to monitor travel and assess potential compliance and reporting risks to mitigate exposure.

Key features include:

  • Simple and easy to use for the employee
  • Useful management tool for employers (e.g. reports and alerts)
  • Easy tracking of internationally mobile employees
  • Blick Rothenberg tax experts on hand to provide support
  • Employee and employer tech and mobility support

Used as part of Blick Rothenberg’s suite of tax and payroll tools, our International Business Trips app can help protect your company.

Key issues for employers:

What are the implications for short-term business travellers for your business?


1. Tax - is there tax liability in the location visited?

2. Payroll - if tax is due in this location, is there an employer or employer obligation in the location visited?

3. Social security - is there an employee or employer obligation in the location visited?

4. HR policy - do you have a policy in place to help manage these employees?


How can you solve this challenge?

Click here to read a short guide to employer and employee tax and payroll obligations and how the IBT app can help.

For more information or a demonstration of the technology and how it could help your business, please contact Lee Hamilton.