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Blick Rothenberg in the Press

The Guardian (18/04/2014)

How are second-home owners affected by new anti-flipping rules?

Blick Rothenberg Senior Mangaer, Nimesh Shah, tells the Guardian what the new tax implications will be for a range of sellers in different scenarios.
The Telegraph (17/04/2014)

Ask the experts - 'I'm worried I broke the law gifting shares to grandchildren'

Nimesh Shah, Senior Manager at Blick Rothenberg, answers a grandparent's query regarding gifting investments to grandchildren.

He commented; “The fact that the investments were registered in the name of their mother does not change the tax position." "The capital you gifted belongs to your grandchildren and any investment return should be taxed on them." "Provided the income and capital gains have been within your grandchildren’s annual allowances, there would be no tax to pay."

"If your grandchildren are now selling the investments, you should note that if the capital gain is above their capital gains annual exemptions (£11,000 for 2014/15), they would be required to complete a tax return and pay capital gains tax." "The tax return and capital gains tax would be due by January 31, 2016, if selling the investments now.”
BBC News (12/04/2014)

Offshore tax evasion: Osborne sets out new penalties

Senior Partner Bob Rothenberg provides his expert opinion on the Government's new plans to fight tax evasion, saying he believes rather than prosecuting people for tax evasion, the Government want to scare them into owning up. He commented: "That certainly has been the objective that they've followed up to now, with their various... so-called amnesties,"

"And I think that they are thinking that they may get a greater number of people coming forward if the threat of criminal prosecution is there."
FT Adviser (02/04/2014)

HMRC stamp duty bonanza

Senior Manager Nimesh Shah claims that a rise in stamp duty land tax revenues has been driven by an increase in the sale of homes in the £1m to £2m price bracket. He commented: “The stamp duty rates applying to residential property transactions over £1m and £2m are 5 per cent and 7 per cent respectively. Although these latest statistics point towards a resurgent property market, it seems activity at the higher property value end is fuelling the increased tax take.”, Accountancy Age, Accountancylive (02/04/2014)

Access Accountancy launches, Firms unite to provide better access to accountancy qualifications

The Access Accountancy scheme was launched on 2 April, creating a unified approach aimed at helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds obtain accountancy qualifications. Blick Rothenberg has signed up as a partner of the scheme, which will produce a set of measures and targets to increase opportunities for young people from underprivileged backgrounds across the UK.