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  • I am widowed and now live with my new wife. What is my IHT position?


    Tax experts from accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg, provide answers to the question in The Daily Telegraph, Ask an expert.

  • 'My wife passed away in 2005. What will my IHT allowance be under the new rules?'


    Tax experts from accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg provides answers to this question.

  • A five minute guide to inheritance


    Caroline Le Jeune, partner at Blick Rothenberg replies to a question in an article about inheritance tax.

    She says: 'A potential IHT charge applies only on the death of a surviving spouse, unless they have subsequently remarried. IN most cases the nil-rate band unused on the death of the first individual is transferred to surviving spouse or civil partner, providing up to £650,000 of nil-rate band to offset.' 

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  • New inheritance tax rules: we answer your questions


    Tax experts from accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg provide answers on the new inheritance tax rules.

  • This week Nicole Blackmore and Kate Palmer are here to help you with your money problems


    Paul Smith, partner at Blick Rothenberg, provides an answer to a reader's question in The Sunday Telegraph, Ask an expert.

    Source: The Sunday Telegraph
  • How will the death tax changes affect you?


    Tax experts, from accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg, provide answers on how the death tax changes will affect you.

    Source: The Daily Telegraph
  • The new inheritance tax quirk that favours widows


    The Government is introducing a new IHT allowance for families who want to pass their home to children or grandchildren. Stefanie Stapleton of Blick Rothenberg said where the first partner died before April 2017, it might be more tax-efficient to leave a share in the family home to children rather than preserve the regular nil-rate band by leaving it to the surviving spouse.

  • Freelancers on £10,000 lose under Budget 2015


    Freelancers on annual salary of £10,000 are the only self-employed people except for top earners who are worse off under Summer Budget 2015. The analysis by accountants Blick Rothenberg indicates that all other self-employed earners are better off, albeit by no more than £16.

    Source: Freelance UK (Web)
  • We have to pay £7,000 stamp duty to sell our shared ownership flat. Can we avoid it?


    Paul Smith, partner at Blick Rothenberg, said sub-sale relief was introduced for people who were buying a property in order to sell it on to another person. 'The precise order and timing of the transactions is critical to ensure the relevant conditions for the relief are met. In practice, the individual will agree to sell the property to the third party buyer and the completion of that contract will take place alongside the purchase of the 60pc share from the House Authority. The relief from stamp duty is not automatic and should be claimed in a land transaction return. Provided the relevant steps are taken and conditions satisfied, the end result should be that no stamp duty should be payable on the contract for the purchase of the property from the Housing Association.

  • Budget 2015 slashes buy-to-let landlords profits over mortgage interest tax relief


    Robert Pullen, manager at Blick Rothenberg, comments: 'Buy-to-let landlords are now being hit further by a restriction to tax relief on mortgage interest payments. The new rules appear complex; basic rate tax relief is permitted only and will be phased in. This may result in a shortage of let properties or an increase in rental rates charged to compensate landlords.'

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