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  • 'Should we get divorced to cut our stamp duty bill?'


    An extreme - and perfectly legal - strategy would be to get divorced or legally separate, said Nimesh Shah, a partner at Blick Rothenberg.

    Source: The Daily Telegraph (Web)
  • Scots' tax disparities border on the absurd


    Susan Spash, partner at accountants Blick Rothenberg, told the FT: "The problem is caused by the fact that they have only partially devolved tax which leads to anomalous results."

    Source: Financial Times
  • Hammond's NICs U-turn elicits mixed reactions


    Genevieve Moore, partner at Blick Rothenberg, commented, "The self-employed are a key part of the UK economy, they do not get paid holidays, they do not have the security of earning a wage even when it's a quiet day, if they don't work, they don't earn.

    "They take the risk of a downturn in the market, they are the true heart of the entrepreneurs of the UK economy. The proposals to increase Class 4 NI rates, so they were almost on par with that paid by employees, were ludicrous and I am relieved to see Hammond has come to his sense."

    However, Moore warned, "Whilst the chancellor has decided to not proceed with the increase in Class 4 now, the stage is set for the future. Class 4 NICs will increase in the future, perhaps with a bigger jump in the rate in one year, rather than 1% increases staggered over several years."

    Source: Economia
  • Scottish taxes are out of kilter


    Susan Spash, a partner with accountants Blick Rothenberg, told the FT: “The problem is caused by the fact that they have only partially devolved tax which leads to anomalous results. Taxpayers with only employment income can be paying the highest amount of tax compared with taxpayers with a mix of savings and dividend income. A Scottish resident with non-savings non-dividend income between £43,000 and £45,000 will always be worse off by a maximum of £400.”

    Source: The Financial Times
  • New chief for Blick Rothenberg


    Bob Rothenberg, Senior Partner at the firm said: “After 20 years as Senior Partner –and 40 years at Blick Rothenberg– I am handing the leadership of the firm to Nilesh Shah with his appointment as Chief Executive of Blick Rothenberg. Much has changed over this period but our values and ethos have remained constant and I feel proud of all that we have achieved for everyone in the Blick Rothenberg community; clients, friends and ourselves alike. I will continue to be Senior Partner with a new role as an ambassador for the firm as well as continuing to look after a number of client relationships. Congratulations to Nilesh on this appointment; I look forward to seeing Blick Rothenberg continuing to drive forward and grow successfully under his and the other partners’ guidance.”

    Nilesh Shah, CEO at the firm said: “It is an honour and privilege to be appointed the CEO of Blick Rothenberg, at what is an exciting time for the firm. I have been with Blick Rothenberg for nearly 27 years, having headed up the tax practice for a large part of that period. Whilst we have ambitious plans to grow, I am determined to preserve our ethos and culture, where the focus is on our clients, the quality of our service and our people. We will continue to endeavour to get all three right which will allow us to remain a strong, quality practice, attracting good clients and people.”

    Source: Prime Resi
  • Podcast The FT Money Show


    Nimesh Shah, partner and tax specialist at Blick Rothenberg, discussed taxation of dividend income: "This was aimed at the disparity between the self-employed and employed."

    Source: The Financial Times
  • Dividend changes to net Hammond £2.7billion


    PSCs able to control the timing of dividend payments should ensure any leftover £5,000 allowance for 2016/17 is fully utilised, advises Blick Rothenberg, referring to the cut in 2018.

    Source: Contractor UK
  • Le Jeune: a very modest Budget


    "A first stab at realigning national insurance rates may mark an eventual overhaul of the income tax system but the Chancellor offered scant pickings for business in his first and last spring Budget", says Caroline Le Juene, partner at Blick Rothenberg

    Source: CCH Daily
  • White van man told: expect more pain from Chancellor


    Caroline Le Jeune, a partner and tax adviser at accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg said the impact of the Budget on self-employed people would depend on how much individuals earned. "Those earning up to £20,000 are going to be better off on the whole."

    Source: i
  • NI rise will bring pain to many more than 'partners in law firms'


    Caroline Le Jeune, a partner at Blick Rothenberg, said that “normal self-employed people, like plumbers and other tradespeople” would be caught out by the increase.

    Source: The Daily Telegraph
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